LOL: 'Family Guy' Honors Adam West With A Tribute Video And Overdue Change To Quahog

It's been nearly two years since Adam West passed away. The actor became famous for playing Batman on TV and the big screen in the 1960s, but in recent years, he may have been better known for playing a wacky version of himself as the mayor of the Rhode Island city of Quahog on the FOX animated series Family Guy. The writers and crew of the show created by Seth MacFarlane already paid tribute to Adam West shortly after his death, but they wanted to honor him on the show in another way. Watch the Family Guy tribute to Adam West below.

Family Guy Tribute to Adam West

On last night's episode of Family Guy, the Griffin gang wanted to come up with a way to honor Adam West. So Peter decided to make a video dedication in the memory of Quahog's mayor. However, in typical Peter Griffin fashion, the video goes from a dedication to Adam West to Peter showcasing some trick basketball shots, including one that goes horribly wrong before it goes fantastically right.

Don't worry, the folks at Family Guy came up with an infinitely better way to honor Adam West. In Brian's bid to become the new mayor of Quahog, he proposed to rename James Woods High School to Adam West High School. As Brian points out what many of us online have learned over the years, James Woods is a chauvinist, whacked out egomaniac, and he doesn't deserve to have a high school named after him one one of FOX's most successful animated shows.

Thankfully, Brian succeeded, and the high school in Quahog will now forever be known as Adam West High School.