Cool Stuff: Celebrate Batman's 80th Anniversary With New Funko POPs

This month marks 80 years since Batman debuted in Detective Comics #27 in May 1939. To celebrate the arrival of The Dark Knight, there are a few new Batman 80th anniversary Funko POP figures coming for collectors to snag. Each of them celebrates a different version of Batman, including the original iteration from DC Comics, a couple versions from the big screen, and a terrifying vampire Batman that you may or may not be familiar with.

Batman 80th Anniversary Funko POP Figures

First up, there's a stylized Funko POP figure celebrating the debut of Batman in Detective Comics, complete with his longer ears and more pronounced cape positioned around him, not to mention those purple gloves. Part of me wishes they would have turned this into a 3D comic book cover with a Funko POP Batman leaping from the art.

Next, the first serious debut of Batman on the big screen came in 1989, and now Tim Burton's version of The Dark Knight is getting his own Funko POP. Like the 1939 Batman, it comes in a special box, and the Caped Crusader is holding his batarang.

Batman 80th Anniversary Funko POP Figures

Then there's these two Batmen that are new. The one on the right brings Val Kilmer's take on The Dark Knight from Batman Forever to life, holding one of The Riddler's envelopes in his hand and those pokey nipples on his suit. Meanwhile, the one on the left comes from the Elseworld story Batman & Dracula: Red Rain, where Batman has to contend with iconic bloodsucker and even becomes a vampire himself.


Honestly, I'm a little disappointed that there isn't also a Batman & Robin Funko POP version of ole Batty. A figure where he's holding that stupid Batman credit card would have been fantastic. Or even better, one where his cowl has been torn away like at the end of Batman Returns would have been cool too. Maybe there are more yet to be revealed for Batman's 80th anniversary.

All these Batman 80th anniversary Funko POP figures will be released sometime this month. Stay tuned to your Funko retailed of choice to find out when to get you rhands on them.