'Avengers: Endgame' Easter Egg Could Hint At A New Superhero Coming To The MCU

With a three-hour runtime, there are plenty of little details to be spotted in Avengers: Endgame, and we'll likely be scouring the film for all the Easter eggs when it hits home video sometime later this year. In the meantime, there are some stealthy comic references that might be used to set up future installments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially since there aren't any credits scenes to do it this time. In fact, one Easter egg in particular could directly reference the appearance of another signature Marvel Comics hero. But in order to discuss it, we have to dive into spoiler territory.

In the middle of the time heist in the second act of Avengers: Endgame, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers have to travel back even further in time from New York in 2012 after their attempts to get the Tesseract are foiled by bad timing (no pun intended). Stark realizes that they can go back to a certain place at a certain point in time that will allow them to not only retrieve the Tesseract, but pick up some more Pym Particles so they're able to make it back home. And that's what brings us to Camp Lehigh in New Jersey in 1970.

Camp Lehigh is the "birthplace" of Captain America, and it also becomes an operation center for SHIELD, under the director of Peggy Carter. While Steve Rogers is trying to avoid being spotted sneaking around the military base, he ducks into a random office. It just so happens to belong to Peggy Carter, and he spots her through the window into more offices as she conducts business. It's such a heartwarming moment of longing from Steve Rogers that you might have totally missed something that Carter said.

During the exchange she has with another SHIELD employee (via ComicBookMovie), Carter mentions something about someone named "Braddock" who "hasn't checked in." If you're only a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, that name might not mean anything, but Marvel Comics fans think they know exactly who is being referenced with that name, and it just so happens to be another Captain.

Brian Braddock just so happens to be the alter ego of the superhero known as Captain Britain. After a fatal car accident, Braddock was endowed with superpowers by the legendary magician Merlyn and his daughter Roma. In order to save his life, the two magicians offer him the choice between the Amulet of Right and the Sword of Might. Seeing himself as anything but a warrior, he chooses the Amulet of Right and touching it turns him into Captain Britain.

Captain Britain has super strength, stamina and agility, as well as a staff that gives him the ability to create a force shield and project powerful energy blasts. This weapon later turned into the Star Sceptre, increasing Captain Britain's strength and giving hi the ability to fly for a short period of time. More recent versions of Captain Britain have the hero's power come from the friction between dimensions, whatever that means, and give him no signature weapons.

Kevin Feige has previously talked about discussions to bring Captain Britain into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but they don't seem to be anything more than brief. Could this name drop in Avengers: Endgame be a tease for Captain Britain to join the comic book universe in the future? Since it's 1970, it's unlikely this is actually Captain Britain's name being dropped, but it could always be his father.

For what it's worth, Brian Braddock also happens to be the twin brother of Betsy Braddock, better known as the mutant Psylocke from the X-Men comics. So this could be an interesting connection to the future of X-Men in the MCU as well. It's hard to know what Marvel Studios has in store for the next era of Marvel movies, but there are a lot of interesting possibilities. Captain Britain doesn't feel like the most promising one since we've already had two Captains in the MCU, but the character does have a decent fan following.