Sigourney Weaver Introduced The 'Alien' High School Play Encore, Which You Can Now Watch In Full

Last week, Sigourney Weaver was brave enough to head to the most feared part of the galaxy: New Jersey. The actress stopped by North Bergen High to say hello to the talented high schoolers who put on a pretty impressive stage production of Alien. Ridley Scott, director of the O.G. Alien film, as well as recent prequels, was so impressed when he heard about the production that he donated $5000 for an encore performance. It was that encore that Weaver showed up at, appropriately blowing the minds of the entire cast. You can see Weaver stopping by below, and you can also watch the full play, which North Bergen High uploaded to their YouTube page.

Alien High School Play

Last month, word of the North Bergen High's stage production of Alien began making the rounds, quickly going viral. Alien is a film brimming with complex production design, so it's not exactly the easiest of films to adapt for a high school stage show. But these plucky kids pulled it of, creating a fun, clever take on Ridley Scott's sci-fi horror masterpiece.

The Alien play had an encore performance on April 26, thanks to a generous donation from Scott himself. And who should show up but the original Ripley, Sigourney Weaver.

It's genuinely heartwarming to watch the young cast of the play lose their collective minds when Weaver shows up. Weaver was also nice enough to introduce the performance, because she's a true mensch. "You put so much heart and soul into that," Weaver told the cast. "And the alien, I must say, looked very real to me."

I'm as cynical as they come, but even I have to admit this is a charming story. After all, Disney, powerful overlords of all, own the Alien franchise now, and they could've been jerks about this whole thing and ordered North Bergen to shut down. But they didn't. And a good time was had by all. Hell, Sigourney Weaver never showed up at my high school, not even when I put on a stage production of Copycat!

Alien is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, and a new 4K Blu-ray release was recently released to mark the occasion.