Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Gives You An Interactive Companion & More At The Droid Depot

Over the weekend Star Wars Celebration gave us a look at the exclusive merchandise that will be on sale at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge at shops like First Order Cargo and Resistance Supply. Plus, we got a glimpse at the stuff you'll be able to get at Toydarian Toymaker, the Creature Stall and Black Spire Outpost. Now you get to see what's coming from the Droid Depot, including your own customizable robot companion, a few collectible statues, and some gear decked out in droids. Check out the latest Star Wars Galaxy's Edge merchandise below.

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Merchandise at Droid Depot

As we previously learned, Star Wars Galaxy's Edge will offer theme park attendees the chance to build their own custom droid at the park. Not only that, but you'll be able to roll it around Galaxy's Edge, and it will react to and interact with the environment, and thanks to Star Wars Celebration, we got a little more information on how.

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Merchandise - Droid Depot

First of all, you'll be able to customize the look of either an R-series droid (like R2-D2) or a BB-series droid (like BB-8). As you can see, there are a variety of custom pieces with different colors to create the droid of your choice. The body, head, and legs of the droid can all be different colors. The R-series droid has more customization options, including what color panels the droid has, what kind of tools are hidden inside his body (including blasters and jets). You can even give it a drink carrying tray like R2 had on Jabba's sail barge in Return of the Jedi. You can see the various choices below.

No matter which one you choose, you'll be able to pick out one of three personality chips for your droid: First Order, Resistance and Smuggler. Depending on which personality chip you get, your droid will react appropriately in different parts of the park. If you have a First Order droid, he might get scared if you head to an area controlled by the Resistance or vice versa. And you're not just carrying the around, but there's a remote control so you can roll them around with you.

If you're not up to the task (or cost) of building your own droid, there are pre-built droids that will behave the same way, including BB-8, R2-D2, C-3PO and even cantina droid DJ Rex.

If you're a little too grown up to get yourself a custom droid companion, maybe you'll want to dabble in the collectible kind of droid memorabilia, like these statues of R2-D2, BB-8, IG-88 and even a Destroyer Droid. Plus, check out that picture frame on the right. No, that's not the Infinity Gauntlet, but rather the hand of C-3PO holding up a picture frame that you can put a Galaxy's Edge memory in.

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Merchandise - Droid Depot

Or maybe you'll be satisfied with some shirts that show your love for droids. The droid builders in the crowd at Star Wars Celebration were certainly excited about the idea of more shirt options dedicated to the love of droids. They even have shirts that make it look like you're some kind of droid mechanic at the depot.

There are also some standard housewares you'll be able to get, inspired by the droids of Star Wars. You'll notice a mug that looks like an oil can for your Astromech droid, another one that looks like it could be part of a droid itself. There's a little pen that looks like R2-D2, and a notebook that looks like a repair manual.

Of course, the big theme park fans will be interested in yet another set of collectible pins that you'll be able to get from droid depot. There are also some patches and keychains. But my personal favorite item from that collection on the right is the restraining bolt, which is a magnet you can put on any metal surface so it can't get away from you.

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Merchandise - Droid Depot

Finally, on the more traditional toy front, you'll be able to get two different packs of color-changing droids, as well as a factory playset for them. The droids change color in hot water and can be changed back with cold water. The playset features a dunking tank to dip them. You can pretend it's an oil bath so get all the gunk out from in between their panels. They'll really appreciate it.