Disney+ Will Play A Major Part In The Post-'Avengers: Endgame' Marvel Cinematic Universe, Kevin Feige Says

At Disney's Investor Day promoting the unveiling of the highly anticipated streaming platform Disney+, Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige revealed that the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is not just on the big screen, but on every other screen.

"A post-Endgame MCU will be extremely different and extremely focused on Disney+ tying into our future," Feige said during his presentation of various Marvel Disney+ originals in the works for the streaming service, including WandaVision, Falcon & Winter Soldier, and Marvel's first animated series What If

Marvel Originals Tied to the MCU As Never Before

Feige teased the development of several Marvel Disney+ originals, including Falcon & Winter Soldier, Loki, WandaVision, and others, promising that these shows "will be equally important to the films":

"These shows will be on the same level of quality that you've come to expect from Marvel Studios and we're taking advantage of the freedom offered by Disney+, exploring the MCU and our favorite characters over multiple episodes. These will be both new and continuing stories and one of the things we're most excited about is that these will be major storylines set in the MCU with ramifications that will be felt both in the Disney+ shows we're producing and our features on the big screen."

Not only will the shows "change and evolve our existing characters," the series will be "introducing new ones in ways that deepen the mythology and significantly impact the future of the MCU," Feige said. An entire creative team at Marvel Studios is dedicated to growing these Disney+ original titles, which Feige revealed more details about in his presentation.

What If

Based on the Marvel comic books of the same, What If will be Marvel Studio's first animated series. New and current Marvel cast members will be lending their voices to the series, which means even if you will no longer see them on the MCU, you can see them reprise their roles in animated form. Each episode will explore a different hypothetical story, focusing on a "pivotal moment from the MCU and turn it on its head, leading the audience into uncharted territory," Feige said.

For example, the first episode of What If asks, "What if Peggy Carter became a super soldier, and what if Steve Rogers stayed a scrawny kid but joined the fight using an armored suit built by Howard Stark?" It's an intriguing premise and one that bodes well for the rest of the high-concept series.

WandaVision Title Confirmed

The Wanda Maximoff and Vision series starring Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany has been confirmed to be titled WandaVision, according to Feige. The Marvel chief showed concept art of the series at the Investor Day presentation which was hidden from the streaming audience, but which he described as "something unexpected and surprising as well as something we can only do in a longform series." Intriguing.