'American Horror Story' Season 9 Wants To Tap Into Your '80s Nostalgia Now

American Horror Story might end some day, but for now, it's going to keep on keeping on with yet another wacky season. The title, and theme, for season 9 has been revealed, and it's somewhat promising. American Horror Story season 9 will be subtitled 1984, and will attempt to channel '80s slasher movies. Of course, the '80s setting also will inevitably draw comparisons to Netflix's Stranger Things, although American Horror Story is for a much more adult audience. More on American Horror Story season 9 below.

While an official synopsis for American Horror Story: 1984 hasn't been released yet, the above teaser makes it clear this latest season will be referencing Friday the 13th and other '80s slasher films, where masked killers stalk horny teens in the darkness. The horror genre fanatic in me is curious about this, but I gave up on American Horror Story a long time ago. The show has frequently great concepts, and a talented cast. But season after season, it gives off the impression that the writers have no idea what they're doing, and are instead just throwing everything they can think of onto the page and hoping it works. It often doesn't.

Emma Roberts and Gus Kenworthy will be appearing in this season, but Evan Peters, who has been in every American Horror Story since the beginning, is sitting this year out. It's only a matter of time before some other familiar cast members pop up (Sarah Paulson is probably waiting by the phone as I write this). American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy signed a major deal with Netflix, and is currently developing projects for them, but he'll remain involved with AHS for now, and probably as long as it runs.

In addition to the season 9 title reveal comes news that American Horror Story is changing its Emmy category, according to Variety. The show used to compete under as a Limited Series, since each season featured different characters. But American Horror Story: Apocalypse brought back characters from previous seasons, which knocks it into the Outstanding Drama category.

American Horror Story: 1984 will arrive this fall.