'Mortal Engines' Honest Trailer: A Harrowing Game Of Hungry, Hungry Hippos

Mortal Engines was the movie everyone forgot to see last winter. Even with Peter Jackson's name attached as producer and a promising post-apocalyptic world for adventure, the prospect of major mobile cities that eat smaller mobile cities wasn't enticing enough to get viewers into theaters. That's why Mortal Engines lost Universal Pictures about $100 million when all is said and done. Maybe they should have leaned more on the undead cyborg father. Oh what's that? You didn't know about that character? We'll let the Mortal Engines Honest Trailer fill you in.

Mortal Engines Honest Trailer

If Mortal Engines really doesn't give you any good characters to latch onto, that's a problem, But otherwise, the world-building here seems outstanding, and the overall premise feels too ambitious to simply ignore. This feels destined to be forgotten with the likes of other similar films like Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow or John Carter, both movies that deserve attention for different reasons.

It's just a shame that Peter Jackson couldn't give this movie his full attention instead of wasting years putting together the unnecessarily long and tiring Hobbit trilogy. Remember when Guillermo del Toro was supposed to make that into two movies? Those were the days.

Anyway, the silliness on display in the Mortal Engines Honest Trailer only makes me want to see this movie even more, and it makes me wish we would get to see how all this played out in the sequels. But alas, we'll have to go read books instead.