Watch: The Best Food, Tech, And Innovations Of CinemaCon 2019

/Film's Peter Sciretta and Ben Pearson are currently in Las Vegas, Nevada attending CinemaCon, the convention for movie theater owners. In addition to their podcast coverage of the panel presentations from the major studios and their video tour of the movie posters and standees on display, the duo ventured onto the convention show floor to see if they could find the newest innovations in movie theater concessions – but mostly to subject Ben to taste-testing the weirdest foods they could find. Take a look below.

CinemaCon 2019 Food, Tech, and More

Who could have known that Sriracha hot dogs or non-egg cookie dough would have been some of the highlights of the trip? While we're still on the hunt for the next generation of movie theater seating, we saw some pretty amazing things – from revelations in the realm of food and drink to next-generation technology that allows a myriad of audiences to watch the same movie screening in different languages. Plus, there were tons of vendors that we didn't include in this video: people selling everything from name tags to security barricades to sound proof technology to cash register vendors to people selling those little lights that line theater aisles and guide the way toward the exits.

We'll have plenty more coverage for you from CinemaCon in the coming days, and in the meantime, be sure to catch up on our other video exploring all of the posters and standees of the convention and our podcasts reacting to the STX Films and Warner Bros. panel presentations.

There will be plenty more coming soon, including reactions to Universal, Disney, Paramount, and a reaction to the films they've screened, so stay tuned for the latest updates.