'Ghostbusters' 35th Anniversary One-Shot Comics Kick Off With A Journey Into Atlantis

This year marks the 35th anniversary of Ghostbusters. After the kind of celebration there was for the 30th anniversary, this doesn't feel like quite as thrilling of a milestone, even though we did just get the exciting announcement of a new Ghostbusters sequel following up with the original franchise in the summer of 2020. But the folks at IDW Publishing are celebrating by keeping their outstanding Ghostbusters comic book series going strong, and this time the team is heading to one of the most iconic places in mythology: the lost continent of Atlantis.

Throughout the month of April, IDW Publishing will release a new one-shot Ghostbusters adventure each week. Each issue will feature one of the four different iterations of the paranormal investigators. There's the original Ghostbusters team from the 1984 film and the 1989 sequel, The Real Ghostbusters from the animated series, the Extreme Ghostbusters from the late '90s, and the all-female roster from Ghostbusters: Answer the Call.

Kicking off this series of one-shots on April 3 will be the original Ghostbusters heading into Atlantis. That seems wholly appropriate since when Winston Zeddemore applied for a job with the Ghostbusters in the original movie, their secretary Janine asked him:

"Do you believe in UFO's, Astral Projections, Mental Telepathy, ESP, Clairvoyance, Spirit Photography, Telekinetic Movement, Full-trance Mediums, the Loch Ness monster and the theory of Atlantis?"

Now we'll get to test his belief first-hand. But since Winston has already encountered the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (twice) and Transformers in comic book adventures, not to mention meeting the other three Ghostbusters teams in an epic crossover, it shouldn't be too hard to believe that a place like Atlantis exists. But what about Aquaman? Will he come high five Peter Venkman while yelling, "My man!" and surfing by on his trident?

Ghostbusters 35th Anniversary Comics

Ghostbusters comic writer Erik Burnham told SyFy Wire:

"The theory of Atlantis. Winston Zeddemore was asked if he believed in that during his job interview; it seemed like the kind of thing that would be fun to follow up on. We could bring in an ecto-sub! We could have ghosts under the sea! We could... not do all that satisfactorily in 20 pages. But we could still have some fun with Atlantis as a launching point — and that's what you see here. A strange artifact. Weird languages. A possessed Ghostbuster. And that's just how we start!"

If you haven't been reading the Ghostbusters comics, you're missing out on some really fun storytelling that utilizes these characters in wholly entertaining ways. It's true to the spirit of the original films while taking them on more high concept adventures, the kind we likely would never get to see on the big screen.

You can get a five-page sneak preview of the first Ghostbusters 35th anniversary comic one-shot over at SyFy Wire. Otherwise you'll be able to pick up the first one on April 3. Stay tuned to see what the other Ghostbusters one-shots will entail.