Cool Stuff: Mondo Plays Ball With 'The Sandlot' Prints & Pins By Matt Ryan Tobin And Dave Perillo

Today is opening day for Major League Baseball! But even if you don't care about the sport itself, there's a good chance you still love the 1993 coming of age sports comedy that Mondo is honoring today.

The Sandlot is one of those classic kids sports movies that studios don't really make anymore. Oddly enough, this one doesn't hail from Disney, though it does come from the studio they just acquired: 20th Century Fox. You might be mourning the loss of Fox, but today you can celebrate The Sandlot with a set of new prints and enamel pins created by artists Matt Ryan Tobin and Dave Perillo. Check out The Sandlot prints and pins below.

Matt Ryan Tobin's The Sandlot Print

Mondo The Sandlot Prints - Matt Ryan Tobin

First up, Matt Ryan Tobin delivered this outstanding print in the vein of classic western gunfights. Except rather than looking through the chaps of a cowboy, we're looking through the hairy legs of the dog known as "The Beast." The dogs stares down the group of nine kids who spend the summer playing baseball in the dusty field nearby, and between them is the Babe Ruth-signed baseball that Scotty Smalls knocked into old Mr. Myrtle's backyard. It's an outstanding way to commemorate this childhood classic.

If you want to get your hands on this 36x24 screenprint that has an edition of 225, it will cost you $50 and is expected to ship in May. It'll go on sale at a random time on the Mondo website along with the rest of The Sandlot items below.

Dave Perillo's The Sandlot Prints

If you're looking for a more cartoonish approach to this sports treasure, then you might like Dave Perillo's tribute to The Sandlot in the form of these two prints. He incorporates some baseball imagery by including the baseball diamond surrounding the dog named Hercules, not to mention a kind of baseball card frame around the entire print and a starting line-up kind of assembly of the kids at the top. There's even a s'more in the lower left hand corner for good measure.

The regular version of this 18x24 screenprint has an edition of 150 and will cost you $45. Meanwhile, the variant (right) has an edition of 100 and will cost you $65. Both will ship sometime in May.

The Sandlot Enamel Pins

If The Sandlot prints are a little too salty for your tastes, or maybe just not your style, then these enamel pins from Matt Ryan Tobin and Dave Perillo might serve you better.

The Hercules pin comes from Dave Perillo while the L-7 weenie and s'mores pins come from Matt Ryan Tobin. Each pin will cost you $10 and will be available while supplies last.

Again, everything you see above will on sale at Mondo's website at a random time today, March 27. Stay tuned to @MondoNews on Twitter to find out when.


Don't forget, there's a prequel to The Sandlot in the works, as well as some kind of sequel series. Stay tuned for more.