'Daredevil', 'Luke Cage', And 'Iron Fist' Props And Costumes Will Be Auctioned Off This Summer

If you're one of the Marvel Television fans who has been hoping Disney would revive the canceled Netflix shows Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist at the forthcoming Disney+ streaming service, we have bad news. Marvel Entertainment and Prop Store have announced a live-action that will take place late this summer featuring costumes, props and set decoration from the three aforementioned Marvel TV shows that were give the axe by Netflix. That pretty much means they're done for good.

Marvel Television Auction

As you can see, we're not just talking about some forgettable props from these shows. The full costumes of the titular heroes from Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist are being auctioned off, as well as other props that were prominently screen-used in the street-level superhero shows. For example, Luke Cage's famous swear jar and the Nelson and Murdock attorneys at law plaque are among some of the items released so far.

Mike Pasciullo, SVP, Marvel Marketing and Communications, spoke about the upcoming auction:

"The props and costumes created for these series are the living embodiment of the comics come to life. We're happy to work with Prop Store to give fans this unique opportunity to own authentic iconic mementos that were used to create these beloved Marvel shows."

The Marvel Television auction will take place in August this year at Prop Store's auction facility in Los Angeles County, California. If you're interested but don't live in the area, you'll be able to participate by telephone or online through the Prop Store website. You can even subscribe now to get updates about the auction, and you'll be able to start bidding as early as July.

Since Jessica Jones and The Punisher ended up getting canceled a little bit later than these three Marvel shows, we wouldn't be surprised to see another auction with props from those shows too. Stay tuned to Marvel Entertainment for more.