'Game Night' Directors Get 'The Creeps' At Universal, But What Does This Mean For 'The Flash'?

Jonathan Goldstein (right) and John Francis Daley were behind last year's outstanding comedic thriller Game Night, a movie that deserved far more recognition than it received. Since then, we've been waiting to see what's going on with their take on The Flash, but it sounds like another project has the potential to get off the ground before then, and it will take them into a new genre.Deadline reports Universal Pictures has picked up a new comedic horror pitch called The Creeps from Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley, and the duo will write, direct, and produce the film through their GoldDay production banner. Unfortunately, we don't have any details on what the film is about, but it's being described as "a coming-of-age comedic horror." We're just taking a wild shot in the dark here, but I'm wondering if this could possibly be their attempt at putting a comedic spin on the Stranger Things craze.

Goldstein and Daley have been knocking it out of the park the past few years. Their work on Spider-Man: Homecoming was outstanding, but before that, they already had the comedy hit Horrible Bosses under their belt (as writers). But with Game Night, the duo really showed off what they could do behind the camera with an original premise and a mash-up of comedy with suspense. Now we'll get their stylish comedic vision brought to horror, and I'm a sucker for a great horror comedy.

The question is whether The Creeps movie is something that will come before or after The Flash. As we recently heard, the fate of the Scarlet Speedster might be up in the air with star Ezra Miller making one last attempt to get a darker version of the DC Comics superhero movie off the ground. Miller even brought in comic writer Grant Morrison to help him take a crack at a much different script, one that apparently has a much darker vision than what Goldstein and Daley have in mind. So Daley and Goldstein may not be tackling The Flash in the immediate future and could head off to work on The Creeps instead.

Frankly, I hope Goldstein and Daley still get to do their version of The Flash, if only because the DC Extended Universe has been crushing it with their lighter takes on superhero fare in the form of Aquaman and Shazam!. They did such fantastic work on Spider-Man and showed that they can create exciting, stylish set pieces in Game Night that they deserve the chance to make a movie like The Flash. But at the same time I'm more than thrilled to see them tackle their own ideas, too. Stay tuned to see what happens.