Alamo Drafthouse's Season Pass Movie Ticket Subscription Is Launching This Year

Last summer, Alamo Drafthouse tested their own movie ticket subscription service called Season Pass. Now they're bringing it to all of their theater locations before the end of the year.

Business Insider has word from Alamo Drafthouse founder and CEO Tim League that the Alamo Drafthouse Season Pass will be available before the end of 2019. This comes after a beta version launched at the Drafthouse locations in Yonkers, New York and Raleigh, North Carolina. The results from that test have been impressive, and now they're getting the final details in order so the rest of the Alamo Drafthouse locations can use it too.

The Alamo Drafthouse Season Pass will be an unlimited plan that costs $20 a month in most locations. That means you'll be able to see a movie every day for just $20 each month. However, if you happen to be heading to one of the locations in a market that has more demand, like the upcoming Los Angeles location or their theater in Brooklyn, New York, you might be paying a little more than $20 a month, but the exact price difference hasn't been revealed

When you sign up for the Alamo Drafthouse Season Pass, you'll use the theater chain's official app to reserve seats. Already making this better than MoviePass, Alamo's Season Pass will let you get tickets days in advance, and you don't actually have to be at the theater to buy them. You'll even have the option to buy additional tickets if you have friends coming with you.

It seems like Alamo Drafthouse sat back and let MoviePass make mistakes they could learn from. They've fixed some of the more annoying aspects of the MoviePass unlimited plan and made their Season Pass so much more easy to use. Plus, unlike most of the other theater chains, Alamo Drafthouse has less of a risk here in offering an unlimited plan like this.

When you go to an Alamo Drafthouse, it's for the experience of watching a movie with a full bar and menu to enjoy. The Alamo Drafthouse Season Pass will get more butts in the seats and those people are much more likely to spend money on food and drinks when they don't have to pay for tickets. It makes me wish that I had an Alamo Drafthouse location near me, because I would use the hell out of that thing every single week.

There's no specific launch date for Alamo Drafthouse Season Pass, but we will definitely keep you posted.