'Captain Marvel' Tops Box Office Again In A Weekend That (Mostly) Exceeded Expectations

Captain Marvel had no problem winning a second weekend at the box office for Marvel Studios. Following the film's massive opening weekend haul of $153 million, the latest installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe raked in another $69.3 million at the box office. That's only a drop of 54.8% in its second weekend, which is slightly better than the average 56% that usually happens with Marvel Studios movies.

But Captain Marvel wasn't the only movie that enjoyed success at the box office last weekend. Debut movies Wonder Park and Five Feet Apart both exceeded box office predictions, but Captive State appears to be dead on arrival.

Before we get to the rest of the chart from Box Office Mojo, we'd like to point out that Captain Marvel has now reached $266 million at the domestic box office after only 10 days in theaters. Meanwhile, at the global box office, the film opened in its final international market, bringing the international total to $494 million. That adds up to $760 million for a global box office total. Again, that's just after 10 days, and it looks likeĀ Captain Marvel has the power to hit $1 billion. Regardless, the movie is already the 10th highest grossing worldwide release for Marvel Studios, and it will have no problem passing the MCU's other cosmic entry, Guardians of the Galaxy.

Coming in at a distant second place, Paramount's unfortunately director-less Wonder Park pulled in $16 million in the United States. That's enough to exceed expectations for the movie. And even though the movie doesn't have a credited director, it was pleasing enough to families to land a "B+" CinemaScore. Of course, our own Hoai-Tran Bui was a little less impressed, calling it a "glorified TV pilot " in her review, which is perfect since it's intended to launch an animated TV series. Ah, synergy!

Lionsgate and CBS Films' sappy romance Five Feet Apart came in at third place with $13.1 million. Again, that was enough to exceed the expectations from box office analysts, and audiences seem to be just as satisfied since it earned an "A" CinemaScore. That means the movie will likely have some decent legs as word of mouth spreads a bit to the rest of the crowd who might be interested in a retread of The Fault in Our Stars. In fact, teens might be more likely to flock to theaters in the coming weeks since 45% of the audience was teenagers, who also happened to give the movie a slightly higher "A+" CinemaScore.

The last new release of interest was Rupert Wyatt's sci-fi thriller Captive State. Unfortunately, audiences weren't convinced to give this District 9-esque movie a shot this weekend. The film debuted at #7 on the box office chart with only $3.1 million. Even more disappointing is that Captive State debuted in 2,548 theaters, which makes for an average of only $1,242 made at each theater. It doesn't help that the movie earned a "C-" CinemaScore either, which means it's not landing with those who had a desire to see it as soon as possible.

For the rest of the box office chart, head to Box Office Mojo, and get ready for Jordan Peele's Us to shake up the top five when it debuts this coming weekend. Will it have the power to dethrone Captain Marvel? If projections hold true, Us is on track for a $40 million-plus opening weekend, and if Captain Marvel drops enough, it could mean a #1 slot for Jordan Peele.