Cool Stuff: Disney's Classic 'Steamboat Willie' Mickey Mouse Short Is Becoming A LEGO Set

Last year, Mickey Mouse celebrated his 90th anniversary. The cartoon rodent debuted in the black and white animated short Steamboat Willie all the way back in November of 1928, along with his lifelong companion Minnie Mouse. The short would kick off a legacy that still stands strong today as Disney has become a powerhouse not only in animation, but entertainment at large.

Now fans can celebrate the debut of Mickey Mouse with an official new LEGO set that brings Steamboat Willie to life in building brick form. The new set, which originated at the LEGO Ideas website, brings to life the S.S. Willie steamboat that Mickey Mouse steers in the animated short. And just like the animated short itself, this set and the accompanying Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse minifigures are in black and white. Check out the full Steamboat Willie LEGO set below.

Steamboat Willie LEGO Set

Steamboat Willie LEGO SetSteamboat Willie LEGO SetSteamboat Willie LEGO Set

The S.S. Willie features some cool details, such as rotating paddle wheels, an adjustable crane for the potato bin cargo, a life buoy, and more. The two big steam pipes on the ship even move up and down as the paddle wheel rotates, emulating the rhythmic motion of the boat from the animated short as Mickey whistles his way down the river.

As for the minifigures of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, you'll find a guitar and some sheet music, and of course that little bird on the boat. You'll notice that Mickey and Minnie have a little bit of a shimmer to them too. That's because they come with special silver-colored accent paint.

Accompanying the set will be a booklet that features some fun facts about the historic 1928 animated Disney short film Steamboat Willie and a word from the LEGO Ideas creator and designers.

The LEGO Steamboat Willie set will be available from The LEGO Shop for $89.99 starting on April 1, 2019.