New 'Toy Story 4' Merchandise Confirms 'Incredibles 2' Easter Egg And More New Characters

Toy Story 4 is coming to theaters this summer, whether you like it or not. The sequel feels like it has a bit of up an uphill battle to justify its existence after the ending of Toy Story 3 provided such a prefect conclusion. But since they have a new kid to play with in the form of the adorable Bonnie, I suppose they have a whole new world of adventures open to them.

As the trailers have shown, Toy Story 4 will introduce plenty of new characters to the toys that formerly belonged to Andy, including a spork with an existential crisis and a pair of hyped-up carnival stuffed animals. But now, more new characters have been revealed thanks to some upcoming Funko POP figures tied to Toy Story 4, and one of them confirms an Easter egg cameo appearance by a character spotted in Incredibles 2

(The image has been removed following a request from Funko and Disney.)

Obviously Woody (Tom Hanks) and Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) get a pair of new Funko POPs since they're our main characters. Jessie also gets a new figure, along with the squeaky alien from Pizza Planet. There's also Ducky and Bunny, the two stuffed animals from the carnival who are voiced by Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, as well as Forky, the toy who's not really a toy (voiced by Tony Hale). But when we look at the all-new Bo Peep, voiced again by Annie Potts, we can dive into some of the new characters.

Included with Bo Peep's first Funko POP figure is a tiny companion figure named Officer Giggle McDimples. We're not sure what part this new toy plays in Bo Peep's life, but they must go hand-in-hand if this little police officer comes paired in the same Funko POP box. A previously leaked image makes her look like a Playmobil kind of figure, so that explains why she's so tiny. And with a name like Giggle McDimples, she's probably adorable.

Next to Jessie, you'll also spot Gabby Gabby. She looks like a traditional girl doll, and based on her name, likely one who talks. Maybe this is a toy we'll meet while Bonnie and her family are on that road trip that takes them to the RV park next to the carnival. But Skyler Shuler, the editor-in-chief at The DisInsider, says she'll be the villain.

Then we have Combat Carl Jr., which we're assuming is a more kid-friendly version of the classic G.I. Joe-esque Combat Carl figure that Andy's next door neighbor Sid blew up with fireworks in the original Toy Story. Will Andy's toys feel sorry for Combat Carl Jr. after seeing his "father" blown to smithereens?

And finally, we have Duke Kaboom, the toy who was spotted in Jack-Jack's playpen in Incredibles 2. He's a motorcycle daredevil not unlike Evel Knievel, and we're thinking this is the character voiced by Keanu Reeves. A previous image leak also revealed that he's considered to be "the greatest daredevil in all of Canada." So it sounds like we'll be getting our first Canadian toy on the scene. Surely he's bound to be impossibly polite.

That's all we've got on the new Toy Story 4 characters for now. Keep in mind that we don't know how sizeable the roles will be for these new characters. Sometimes the most ancillary characters characters get Funko POPs, especially in big franchises. But we're betting at least Duke Kaboom has a big role. As for the rest, we're not sure who is voicing them yet, but maybe we'll find out soon.