'Captain Marvel' Favorite Goose The Cat Gets The Purrfect Funko POP Figures

Captain Marvel is only in its second weekend at the box office (which added considerably more cash to the movie's haul), but it's already a certified hit. Even though Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn are the stars, there's one breakout character that fans can't get enough of, and they're not human. It's Goose the cat, and the little feline is getting a pair of new Funko POP figures that fans of Captain Marvel are going to love. But if you want to see them, beware of spoilers.

Goose the Cat Funko POP Figures

Yes, as anyone who saw Captain Marvel will tell you, Goose the cat is not a feline friend. Instead, she's an alien creature known as a Flerken. She just happens to look like a friendly orange cat. But as you can see in the Funko POP figure above revealed at the toy company's official blog, inside that cat body are some impressively large tentacles. But that's not all.

In Captain Marvel, Goose the cat swallows up the Tesseract with its slimy tentacles. And one of the above Funko POP figures features the Tesseract about ready to be swallowed into its stomach, which holds an entire dimension within it. But you can find out a lot more about that in our breakdown of what a Flerken is and what we know about them from the movie and Marvel Comics.

Meanwhile, the second Goose the cat Funko POP features just a little bit of those tentacles coming out of her mouth. In fact, it almost looks like the cat just ate a squid or octopus. That one is going to be a little harder to find since it's one of the chase variants with a 1/6 rarity, so good luck getting your hands on it.

Both of the new Goose the cat Funko POP figures will be available sometime soon, but no exact date was given.