Jonah Hill Continues His Directorial Career With Vampire Weekend 'Sunflower' Music Video, Featuring Jerry Seinfeld

Jonah Hill made his directorial debut last year with mid90s, and he already has a follow-up ready. This isn't a film, though – it's a music video. Hill has directed a Vampire Weekend music video for the song "Sunflower," and he's somehow managed to recruit Jerry Seinfeld to make an appearance. Watch the "Sunflower" music video below.

Sunflower Music Video

If you have motion sickness, you might want to pop a Dramamine before watching the Jonah Hill-directed "Sunflower" music video. The camera almost never sits still here, swirling and spinning and flipping upside down every few seconds. Hill combines this unbalanced cinematography with a split-screen effect that would make Brian De Palma proud as the catchy, sunny, bopping Vampire Weekend song plays out.

The video ends with a very special appearance by none other than Jerry Seinfeld, who has to listen as a deli worker pitches him a joke. It has absolutely nothing to do with the song or video itself, but hey, it's fun.

Back when mid90s came out, Hill confirmed he had been offered a chance to direct before, but said: "You only get one chance to do your first film. And when I look at people who are my heroes like Mike Nichols or Barry Levinson, you look at their first films, and they come from very personal place. Something that actually means something. I really was just waiting until I had a story that actually really meant something for me to make my first film, which is mid90s." Now, though, he's followed that up with something that's probably not so personal, but still fun. Perhaps now that Hill got his personal debut film out of his system, and now this music video, he'll try something different going forward.

Hill is still acting as well. He'll be seen in the upcoming film The Beach Bum, which just played SXSW and will open on March 29, 2019.