'On My Block' Season 2 Trailer: The Most-Binged Netflix Series Of 2018 Offers Some Positively Life-Changing News

After teasing fans with a somber clip of the first four minutes of the second season of On My Block, Netflix has finally released the On My Block season 2 trailer. And along with a reassuring glimpse of the gang all back together, the official trailer also brings back some much-needed humor after the grim cliffhanger. Watch the On My Block season 2 trailer below.

On My Block Season 2 Trailer

Last year, On My Block quietly debuted in March and went on to become the most popular original show on Netflix – at least, according to the service's internal statistics. The series received positive reviews upon its debut, with critics calling it "charming" and "earnest" and teens flocking to the diverse coming-of-age dramedy following a group of teenagers growing up in in the fictional inner city of Freeridge, California.

And while things looked serious for Monse (Sierra Capri), Jamal (Brett Gray), Cesar (Diego Tinoco), and Ruby (Jason Genao) in the cold open of On My Block season 2, the new trailer is bringing the tone back to the tongue-in-cheek humor the series became known for. Created by Lauren Iungerich, the creator of the popular MTV high school comedy Awkward, the series balances irreverent coming-of-age comedy with the heavier issues of growing up around gun violence and racial tension. But while those themes still loom overhead in On My Block season 2, the trailer shows the four friends happily reunited as they enter sophomore year, with the group rehearsing new dance routines, facing off against Ruby's outrageous Abuela (Peggy Blow), and dealing with the discovery of the RollerWorld cash, which sends Jamal into a hilarious paranoid spiral.

On My Block returns to Netflix on March 29, 2019.

"On My Block" follows a quartet of bright, street-savvy friends who are navigating their way through high school, including all the of the triumph, pain and newness they experience along the way. Lifelong friendships are tested as Monse, Ruby, Jamal and Cesar confront the challenges of adolescence and life in their predominantly Hispanic and black neighborhood in South Central Los Angeles in this coming-of-age comedy series.