Cool Stuff: Get New 'Indiana Jones' Trilogy Prints And Some Mondo 'Jurassic Park' Goodies

Thankfully, the non-existent war between Steven Spielberg and Netflix is over before it really began. That means we can get back to burning money by buying collectible art, enamel pins and t-shirts inspired by the legendary filmmaker's movies.

This week we have an entire slate of new prints from Karl Fitzgerald honoring the entire Indiana Jones trilogy. Plus, Mondo has a whole batch of new Jurassic Park goodies, including a new print by Matthew Woodsman, enamel pins by Scott C., and an awesome t-shirt designed by Bruce Yan. Check out the new Indiana Jones trilogy prints and all the Jurassic Park paraphernalia below.

First up, Bottleneck Gallery is selling these Indiana Jones trilogy prints starting Tuesday, March 12 at 12pm ET.

As you can see, there's a regular and a variant 24x36 screen print for Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, all officially licensed by Acme and Lucasfilm.

You can purchase one of the individual regular versions (left side) for $50 each, or get the entire set for $35. There will be 200 for each film, and they'll be hand-numbered. As for variants, they cost $60 each, or $165 for the whole set. There will only be 100 for each film, and they'll also be hand-numbered. Get them at Bottleneck Gallery while supplies last.

Mondo's Jurassic Park Print, Enamel Pins and Shirt

Now let's get to the Jurassic Park goods, starting with this new print by Matthew Woodson. This is an 18x24 screen print with an edition of 275. It'll cost you $50 and will be on sale today, March 12, at a random time on the Mondo website (stay tuned to @MondoNews on Twitter to find out when). It's expected to ship sometime in April.

Mondo Jurassic Park Enamel Pins

Of course, Mondo's collectible prints aren't necessarily everybody's cup of tea. So maybe you'd like some new enamel pins instead. There are four different pins in total, two designed by Scott C., and two designed by Matthew Woodson.

The dilophosaurus and Dennis Nedry come from Scott C., while the night vision goggles and goat come from Matthew Woodson. The night vision goggles even glow in the dark, just like the goggles in the movie. They're all $10 with the exception of the goat, which will cost a bit more at $12. They'll be available while supplies last at Mondo at a random time today just like the print.

Mondo Jurassic Park Mr. DNA Shirt

Finally, for those who like to wear their fandom on their sleeve, literally, there's this outstanding new Jurassic Park shirt. The shirt takes a cue from the presentation that explains to Jurassic Park visitors how scientists were able to bring dinosaurs back to life. The front of the shirt features the animated Mr. DNA where a pocket might be, and the back features the graph image of a brontosaurus (or it could be a brachiosaurus).

The shirt was designed by Bruce Yan and will be available from XS all the way up to 4XL. It include an official Jurassic Park hem tag and will cost you $25. It goes on sale with the rest of the Jurassic Park stuff at a random time today on the Mondo site.