Cool Stuff: Get A Limited Edition 'Captain Marvel' T-Shirt From Nine Inch Nails

Captain Marvel takes audiences back to the 90s, a decade that doesn't feel like it's been over for nearly 20 years. That means we not only get a soundtrack full of tunes taken straight from the Billboard charts of the 90s, but also some fashion celebrating some of the most popular bands of the decade. Throughout a big chunk of the movie, Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) is sporting a Nine Inch Nails shirt with the band's signature logo. Now you can show your love of both the band and the movie with a new limited edition Nine Inch Nails Captain Marvel shirt from the band's official store.

Nine Inch Nails Captain Marvel Shirt

At the official Nine Inch Nails online shop, you can get your hands on two different limited edition shirts that feature the band's logo inside the star emblem of Captain Marvel's superhero suit. It's subtle enough that it doesn't feel like Nine Inch Nails is selling out. It may not be just like the shirt from the movie, but most Nine Inch Nails fans already have a shirt like that anyway. And this will look just as good with a leather jacket, high-waist jeans, and a flannel shirt wrapped around your waist.

As you can see, you can get the shirt in white or grey, and each will cost you $25. You'll probably want to get it as soon as possible, but this shirt won't be around forever. It's a limited edition shirt that will likely become a collector's item as time goes on.