Cool Stuff: An Exclusive 'Star Wars' Black Series Figure Set Is Coming To 'Galaxy's Edge'

When Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge opens in Disneyland later this year, it will be the kind of experience that fans will remember for the rest of their life. But since this is a Disney theme park we're talking about, it's not just about being there, it's also about merchandise! And fans who are lucky enough to get into Galaxy's Edge (and the park in general) will be able to get ahold of some awesome Disney Parks exclusive Star Wars Black Series action figures, including characters who won't be available anywhere else.

Disney Parks Exclusive Star Wars Black Series Action Figures

Disney Parks exclusive Star Wars Black Series actions figures

Disney Parks exclusive Star Wars Black Series actions figures

Disney Parks exclusive Star Wars Black Series actions figures

As you can see (via ToyArk), this pack comes with three figures. There's yet another version of Kylo Ren, which isn't all that exciting. But the other two are entirely new figures. There's the First Order Mountain Trooper, which we've never seen anywhere before, and Commander Pyre, the golden-armored Stormtrooper from Star Wars Resistance.

The origin of the First Order Mountain Trooper is up in the air. There's a good chance that it's a new kind of Stormtrooper created for Star Wars Galaxy's Edge since the planet of Batuu is meant to be rather mountainous itself. It could also end up being a new Stormtrooper that we see on the big screen in Star Wars Episode IX.

As for Commander Pyre, much like the Black Series figures created for Star Wars Rebels characters, the figure itself doesn't have any exaggerated features in the style of the Star Wars Resistance animation.

Both of those figures will only be available in this Disney Parks exclusive pack, but I hope that little Mouse Droid isn't only going to be available in this set. I've always wanted a version of that droid to go with the Black Series scale figures, and who knows how long it'll be before I can make it to Disneyland to get my hands on this set (if it's even still in stock by then).