VOTD: Ryan Reynolds Created A Loving Tribute To John Candy, 25 Years After The Comedian's Death

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This past weekend marked the 25th anniversary of the passing of beloved comedy star John Candy. Even though he's been gone for two and a half decades, in many ways it feels like John Candy never left us, simply because he's been in so many iconic comedies that play on television every single week. He's one of Canada's finest, so it only seems appropriate that another Canadia comedy star wanted to pay tribute to him.

Ryan Reynolds is more than proud to be from Canada, and in honor of John Candy's illustrious career, he put together a video tribute looking back at his most memorable roles. It'll make you smile, and it might even bring a little tear to your eye. Watch the Ryan Reynolds tribute to John Candy below.

Ryan Reynolds Tribute to John Candy

John Candy passed away on March 4, 1994 in Durango, Mexico. He suffered a major heart attack while working on the film Wagon's East. But his legacy lives on in his decorated career of film and television appearances.

Of course, you can see all the most memorable parts represented from movies like Home Alone, The Blues Brothers, Stripes, National Lampoon's Vacation, Spaceballs, Cool Runnings, Uncle Buck and Planes Trains, and Automobiles. But there's also some lesser celebrated appearances like Who's Harry Crumb?, Summer Rental, The Great Outdoors, Armed and Dangerous, and Only the Lonely.

Unfortunately, since this tribute is a short one, there's not much from his early years on the sketch comedy series SCTV, but there's a wealth of John Candy material from his years on the series that features some of Second City's best comedians. If you haven't seen it, you should certainly seek out SCTV on DVD as soon as possible.

If you need another touching way to celebrate John Candy, here's that great ending from Planes, Trains and Automobiles: