'Will Smith's Bucket List' Trailer: The Movie Star Does All The Things You Wish You Could

As if Will Smith wasn't already living the kind of life that you only dreamed of, now he's going to rub your face in it with a new documentary series coming to Facebook Watch.

Will Smith's Bucket List fins the international superstar traversing the globe to overcome obstacles, face fears and partake in activities that he surprisingly hasn't done in all the years he's been a major celebrity. Not only does Will Smith go skydiving, but apparently he learns how to dance, which he's apparently not good at. Honestly, it looks like a lot of fun.

Will Smith's Bucket List Trailer

Smith announced the project on Facebook this week and said, "I turned 50 and I decided I was gonna do EVERYTHING I've ever wanted to do." And now he wants to share it with his 76.8 million Facebook followers, as well as the 28 million followers he has on Instagram.

Will Smith isn't the only one partaking in this globe-trotting fun though. As you can see in the trailer above, his wife and actress Jada Pinkett Smith is joining him on at least some of the fun. There's also a quick shot of  The Karate Kid remake star-turned-rapper Jaden Smith in there.

As you can see in the trailer, on top of the skydiving, there's also swimming with sharks, Formula 1 racing, hopping sand dunes in buggies, running a half-marathon in Cuba, doing stand-up comedy (reportedly with Dave Chappelle), and flying in one of those water-jetpack contraptions. How is that that these are things he hasn't done throughout his years as a mega movie star? Has he really been too busy with his career and family to enjoy the best part of being a celebrity?

Will Smith recently left behind the Suicide Squad sequel, and the reason for his departure was scheduling. Could it be because he's already having way too much fun shooting another season of Will Smith's Bucket List? Why would you want to pretend to be an accurate assassin when you can get paid to do whatever the hell you want?

Will Smith's Bucket List already debuted the first episode this past Wednesday, and a new episode will be available in the coming weeks at 12pm ET every Wednesday only on Facebook Watch. So check it out.