'Star Wars Galaxy's Edge' Offers A Look At Disney's Amazing New Animatronic Hondo Ohnaka

A bunch of new details about Star Wars Galaxy's Edge arrived this morning after some select members of the press toured the new theme park area coming to Disneyland this summer. From what we can tell, the new attractions will immerse you in a galaxy far, far away in a way that not even the Wizarding World of Harry Potter has accomplished. And while we're still months away from getting a look at the completed park expansion, we do have a sneak peek at one of the most impressive technological feats being created for it.

Part of Star Wars Galaxy's Edge includes a ride called Smuggler's Run that will let park attendees pilot the Millennium Falcon on a dangerous mission. Who sends you on that mission? It's the space pirate Hondo Ohnaka, previously seen on Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, and he's being brought to life by way of the second most complex animatronic character ever created for Disney Parks. Get a sneak peek at the Star Wars Galaxy's Edge animatronic character below.

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Animatronic Character

Walt Disney Imagineering posted a sneak peek of this new figure, which combines A1000 advanced robotics with custom built elements. The result: a lifelike recreation of Hondo Ohnaka for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. At first you can't tell since it's just pieces of metal put together with nuts and bolts and wires. But the last bit of the video shows Hondo Ohnaka completely constructed and moving around quite authentically and naturally.

This is easily one of the most realistic animatronic characters ever created – it's leaps and bounds more impressive than most of the animatronic creations seen at theme parks, even elsewhere in Disneyland. It's the kind of thing that will blow kids' minds when their parents tell them it's not a real person.

Hondo Ohnaka will be a key part of Smuggler's Run (and we're glad he's finally getting his due diligence), mostly because he's the one responsible for you being able to fly the Falcon to begin with. Ohnaka has somehow convinced Chewbacca to let him use the Millennium Falcon to smuggle goods, like a real rascally pirate, but he needs a crew to pull off the job. Of course, you and your family and friends will be the crew who boards the Falcon and sets off on an adventure away from Batuu.

If you want more details on Smuggler's Run and the rest of the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge attractions coming this summer, check out our full rundown of all the details revealed over here.