'How To Train Your Dragon' Honest Trailer: So Good That It Might Make You Forget About 'Bee Movie'

What happens when you take a dragon and cross it with all your favorite internet cat videos? You get the adorable Toothless in the animated fantasy adventure franchise How to Train Your Dragon. Now the the final installment of the DreamWorks Animation franchise, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, is hitting theaters this week, it's time to have Honest Trailers look back at the first two films in the franchise. They're so good that they'll make you forget DreamWorks Animation once made a movie where a bee fell in love with a human woman.

How to Train Your Dragon Honest Trailer

Even though there's a lot of love to be thrown at the How to Train Your Dragon franchise, there's still some poking and prodding to be done with these movies. For example, good luck knowing who each of the supporting characters among Hiccup's group of friends are. With the exception of America Ferrera as Astrid, the rest of Hiccup's friends are pretty much a two-dimensional gang of PG-rated Judd Apatow characters (and actors).

However, perhaps the most egregious issue in How to Train Your Dragon is the fact that there's only so much actual dragon training to be done. Hell, by the time the second movie rolls around, there really isn't any dragon training to do at all. The movie should have been called The Dragon Has Been Trained, and Now We Play Sports with Them and Conquer the World. Yeah, that's sounds pretty damn good to me.