Kevin Smith Continues To Hype The 'Howard The Duck' Animated Series, Jokes That He's "Not Talented Enough" For The Avengers

Howard the Duck fans are likely excited that the anthropomorphic duck is getting his own animated series on Hulu, but none are as excited as Kevin Smith. That's because the famous comic book fan gets to go behind the camera (or the drawing board?) for the Howard the Duck animated series as writer and executive producer of the upcoming series. And he's ecstatic. In his first interview since the series was announced alongside a slate of other Marvel animated shows, Smith talks about why he can't wait to get started on the series.

Smith recently talked to about the newly announced Howard the Duck animated series, and you can practically hear his enthusiasm jump off the screen:

"The times we're living in deserve an orator who can identify all the quacks in the system – a straight-shooter who won't leave us holding the bill. Thanks to Marvel & Hulu, I get to do fowl things to one of my all-time favorite comic book characters in animation! Let's be honest: I'm not talented enough to handle any of the Avengers, but Howard is definitely in my wheelhouse! However, the real brains of our operation is a legit cartoon genius: the great Meatwad himself, 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force's' Dave Willis! So prepare to get Ducked hard!"

Smith had recently been hyping a secret project which he called "most massive IP I've ever been allowed to play with," sparking theories that the Clerks director was helming a Star Wars or Marvel title. When the Howard the Duck series was announced, reactions were a bit deflated after Smith had spent so many months talking up the project, but after seeing this statement, I can see that he has a genuine love for this character. If Howard the Duck makes him happy, and if he can somehow make the first successful screen adaptation of this comic book character, then there's no harm in a little hype.

Smith is developing the series alongside Dave Willis (Space Ghost, Aqua Team Hunger Force, Archer, Squidbillies), and the pair are executive producing alongside Marvel TV chief Jeph Loeb.

Willis added to Smith's statement, "I'm looking forward to working with Kevin on bringing Howard to the flat screen. And I know if I screw this up, I'll never be able to show my face at Comic-Con ever again. Nerds will hunt me the rest of my days."

Here is the synopsis for Howard the Duck:

Marvel's Howard The Duck is trapped in a world he never made, but America's favorite fighting fowl hopes to return home with the help of his unstoppable gal pal Beverly before the evil Dr. Bong can turn him the crispiest dish on the menu. Writers Kevin Smith and Dave Willis will also executive produce along with Jeph Loeb.

There is no release date yet for Howard the Duck, which will premiere on Hulu.