The New 'Veronica Mars' Hulu Series Will Grow Up With Kristen Bell [TCA 2019]

Hulu presented panels to the Television Critics Association today. During an executive panel, Hulu's SVP of Originals Craig Erwich said that the streamer's upcoming limited series of Veronica Mars would "grow up," just like series star Kristen Bell has since the show premiered in 2004."Rob Thomas, who is the steward of the franchise, has really threaded the needle," Erwich said. "From what I've seen of the show and read, it is very true to the character, very true to the world, true to the tone of the show and what we made people fall in love with the show, but it is definitely an update. She is not a little girl anymore. You will see her dealing with contemporary issues in a contemporary world."Thomas reunited the cast of Veronica Mars for a 2014 movie. The characters were  already past college in that film by necessity, as the actors had grown up 10 years. However, the 107-minute movie was pretty streamlined and focused on a new mystery. An eight episode limited series has more time to delve into the characters' lives five years after the movie.Hulu showed a brief clip from the new Veronica Mars. It showed Veronica standing behind police tape at the Sea Spirit motel after an explosion. Veronica narrates Sam Spade-style. What catches her eye is a girl (Izabela Vidovic) rummaging through the rubble. Veronica says the girl makes her care about this case."It's so gratifying to make shows that connect with legions of fans," Erwich said. " When it first aired, it really struck a chord with a generation. 15 years later, we're bringing back the entire library and new episodes."Reboots are the word in television these days. Revivals of Will & Grace, Roseanne, The X-Files and Full House have capitalized on nostalgia, while remakes like Charmed and Roswell, New Mexico reinvent familiar titles. However, fans have been a tad more involved with Veronica Mars than other series. Fans donated to the Kickstarter for the budget to the Veronica Mars movie. Hulu and Warner Brothers Television are footing the bill this time around and they say Veronica Mars wasn't a calculated play to the current reboot culture."We weren't necessarily looking to make another version of Veronica Mars," Erwich said. "Rob  Thomas came into our office and explained very passionately why he wanted to do this, how he was going to do this so there was a real creative reason for it."Veronica Mars is due on Hulu later this year.