The Official 'Captain Marvel' Website Has Been Given A Gloriously 90s Makeover

Most of the stories in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have taken place in present day. Yes, Captain America: The First Avenger went all the way back to World War II (Thor goes back even further than that if you think about it), and there have been flashbacks to the past across the films here and there. But next month's Captain Marvel will be the first film from Marvel Studios to take place primarily in the 1990s, and to hit home the thorwback setting, the marketing team has given the movie's official website quite the slammin' makeover.

Captain Marvel Website

Captain Marvel Website

As you can see, the home page for the official Captain Marvel website has been turned into something that would make GeoCities blush. It is full of retro graphics, comic sans font, and even a guestbook for visitors to sign (a relic of old websites for those who might be too young to remember that the internet wasn't always so sleek).

You'll notice that even this website is trying to keep the identity of Jude Law's character a secret, referring to him only as "Kree" in the shoddily Photoshopped banner at the top of the page, complete with a glaring, artificial lens flare.

Captain Marvel Website

Aside from the joy you'll get from looking at this meticulously crafted eyesore, there's also some fun to be had in the form of a game. You'll be shown a series of pictures of supporting characters from the movie, basically extras, and you have to determine whether or not they're human or a Skrull. It's easy when you spot the old lady who we've seen is clearly a Skrull in the trailers, but the rest of the Skrulls aren't so easy to spot.

Also, while scrolling through the website, you might notice that aforementioned old lady Skrull popping up from the borders of your browser. For an added bit of fun, click on the old woman to get the satisfaction Captain Marvel gets from slugging her in the face.

Captain Marvel Website

Finally, there seems to be a little bit of mystery on this page. As you can see, this area with images of Nick Fury (including a background GIF of him petting the cat Goose) is marked top secret. You can't click on this part of the page to reveal anything, but look at the three images at the bottom. There's Nick Fury and Phil Coulson, but what's that third blank box about? Is there a third SHIELD agent who will be part of the proceedings who has yet to be revealed?

Maybe there's a surprise appearance by a young Black Widow or Hawkeye? Or perhaps we'll run into Howard Stark or Peggy Carter again? After all, they were at SHIELD in 1989 when Hank Pym resigned from the organization due to their efforts to replicate his Pym Particles technology (as seen in the beginning of Ant-Man). So there's a chance they were still around in the 1990s when Captain Marvel takes place.

Perhaps this is something that will be updated as the release date gets closer.

Marvel - Annihilus

Oh, one final thing that sounds like it could be interesting but likely doesn't mean anything. The website hosting all the media for the Captain Marvel website is "" and Annihilus just so happens to be a key intergalactic villain from Marvel Comics. However, that villain is mostly linked to Fantastic Four. That might get fans excited about the possibility of some kind of tease for a future reboot of Fantastic Four, especially now that Fox's Marvel properties are in the hands of Disney, but apparently Marvel has used this site for hosting media before, so it probably doesn't mean anything.

Captain Marvel arrives in theaters on March 8, 2019.