'Atlanta' Season 3 Is Being Written Right Now, But Won't Air In Time For The 2019 Emmys [TCA 2019]

Atlanta has become Donald Glover's most popular creative endeavor, and that's saying a lot considering his music career and his roles inĀ Community and Solo: A Star Wars Story. It takes a lot longer for him to produce a season of Atlanta though, because Glover creates, produces, cowrites and stars on the show. During his executive session for the Television Critics Association, FX CEO John Landgraf updated the progress on season 3."The writers are back working, thank God," Langraf said. "Donald Glover is the king of all media and he's had an incredibly complicated life. He's had personal things to deal with from injuries to other things I'd rather not say publicly that have to do with his extended family."We've known about Glover's professional multitasking, but this is the first we've heard of family emergencies taking time away from his work. And if Glover hasn't chosen to share those publicly we won't press for more details.Landgraf always maintained he would give Glover time to produce Atlanta his way. He allowed Glover to postpone season 2 so he could film Solo."One thing that's just a reality of television today is you just have to wait," Landgraf said. "We didn't get back on an annual cycle on Atlanta. I wish for the fans as well as for us that we could get everything back on an annual basis. You just have to make a decision about quality over quantity."With writing underway, filming could begin this year, but FX publicist John Solberg confirmed it couldn't possibly qualify for Emmys, the deadline for which is May 2019."It won't be for this Emmy cycle," Solberg said.Glover also had an animated Deadpool series in development at FX. It was intended to be separate and different from the Ryan Reynolds live-action movies, but the animated Deadpool was cancelled.Landgraf confirmed Deadpool was not his call."His Deadpool animated series didn't work out because Marvel didn't want to make it," Landgraf said. "That's really is what it comes down to. It didn't fit what they wanted to do with Deadpool. It's their brand. It's their decision about that."