'Child's Play' Remake Viral Video Teases The Release Of Buddi (And A Trailer)

The Child's Play remake that no one seems to want is almost upon us. We've yet to see any actual footage of the film, but that's going to change this week. A new Child's Play remake viral video teases the release of the new Buddi Doll, stating "A special Buddi® reveal is heading your way on February 8, 2019!" That reveal will (likely) be the first trailer. For now, you can watch the viral video below.

Child's Play Remake Viral Video

Above you can check out a video featuring Tim Matheson, er, I'm sorry, I mean Henry Kaslan, founder/CEO of Kaslan Corporation. The Kaslan Corporation are the makers of the Buddi Doll, which is the Child's Play remake's version of Chucky. I still remain confused about this naming process – is the doll still called Chucky in the movie, or is it officially Buddi now? Or is Buddi just a brand name, taking the place of the original film's Good Guy Doll? I guess we'll find out this Friday when the official trailer finally arrives.

The new doll promises to "change the lives of everyone in the family in unimaginable ways. Able to connect to and control Kaslan's wide range of tech products and all smart home devices, Buddi® is the world's most advanced AI human companion to date and will be available nationwide on June 21, 2019." June 21, is, of course, the release date of the new movie.

This viral video once again plays up the fact that the new Chucky (or Buddi, or whatever they're calling him) isn't a doll possessed by the soul of a serial killer. Instead, it's a piece of A.I. gone crazy. Here are the features that are supposedly included with the new doll:
  • Highly intricate cloud-backed voice recognition engine capable of identifying speech and comprehension of inflection, tonality and subtle variations in the human voice
  • Ability to learn from human interaction and via 20 sensors and cameras that provide real-time information about its environment
  • State-of-the-art sensor design providing high resolution image recognition and grip sensitivity
  • Preloaded with the ability to comprehend and converse in both English and Spanish, with the option for language expansion via the Kaslan Language Acquisition App
  • Connectivity to the latest Kaslan products including the Kaslan HUB home controller, Kaslan VAC robotic vacuum, Kaslan Speakers, Kaslan Drone, the self-driving Kaslan Kar, and other smart home devices
  • And so much more!
  • I remain skeptical of this entire endeavor. I'm a huge Child's Play franchise fan, and I'm not happy that in making this remake, MGM cut out original Child's Play creator Don Mancini. And yet, at the same time, I can't deny a certain interest in this movie – primarily for the cast. Aubrey Plaza and Brian Tyree Henry, two actors I'm quite fond of, both appear here. So maybe, just maybe, things will work out okay. At the very least, I'll give the trailer on Friday a chance.