'Bird Box' Honest Trailer: Netflix Canceled A Blind Superhero Show For This?

Netflix famously canceled Daredevil, the Marvel series about a blind superhero. But they went ahead and produced the adaptation of Josh Malerman's novel Bird Box. Apparently it had a better chance of survival for those without the ability to see. The result was a more grisly, less subtle, subpar retread of A Quiet Place, and Honest Trailers couldn't resist taking some jabs at the movie, even though it didn't get a traditional home video release.

Bird Box Honest Trailer

Bird Box answers the question everybody has on their mind: What if A Quiet Place was bad? All right, it's not exactly as clear cut as that since the Netflix movie does do some interesting things with the story. The problem is the execution is ham-fisted, melodramatic, and with the exception of Sandra Bullock's performance, painfully over the top.

Furthermore, as unsettling as it is to watch people suddenly kill themselves, it would have been nice to know more about how these creatures convince people to do it. There are hints at what some people see before they die, but it's not consistent enough to be clear. Sure, you could say that's because it's a metaphor for depression and society turning a blind eye to it (pun intended), but I'm not sure the movie is that clever.

Anyway, in case you didn't hear back when all the memes were making waves all over social media, Bird Box is on Netflix now and probably will be until the end of the world.