'Terminator 6' Behind-The-Scenes Video Offers New Looks At Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, And More

Terminator: Genisys should've killed the Terminator franchise dead and buried it in a shallow grave, but let's face it: this is a series where the most iconic line is "I'll be back." The untitled sixth Terminator movie (which we'll just call Terminator 6 until they decide to give it a title) had filmed in Budapest, Hungary under the direction of Deadpool's Tim Miller and wouldn't you know it? A new featurette made to showcase and praise the Hungarian film industry offers a some pretty tantalizing glimpses of the set. Let's take a look.

Terminator 6 Behind the Scenes Video

The video itself is very much a fluffy promo piece about how working in Hungary is amazing and how the Budapest crews are amazing and so on and so forth – I wouldn't be surprised if it's the kind of thing they shot as part of a tax incentive deal to film there. But in-between shots of those hardworking Hungarian crew members doing their thing (pausing only to take photos with the film's stars) are fresh looks at the film's various characters, along with a few locations.

The biggest question here is "How does Arnold Schwarzenegger fit into all of this?" Sure, he starred in Genisys and his older look was explained away because his skin aged over his robotic parts, but Terminator 6 apparently ignores all of the movies after Terminator 2: Judgment Day. So, who is this older Terminator? Is he actually a Terminator or is there more than meets the eye here? After all, Terminators typically don't have facial hair and they don't wear super-casual clothing while sitting porch-side, as seen in one of the set-ups here. Hmm, I say. Hmm.

We also get a few looks at Linda Hamilton, back as Sarah Connor for the first time since 1991. She still looks like she can kick your ass. Also capable of kicking your ass: Mackenzie Davis' Grace, a mysterious "soldier-assassin" who may be a cyborg. We also catch a few shots of Natalia Reyes' Dani Ramos. What's her deal? I have no idea!

Naturally, the glimpsed sets include crumbling walls, giant industrial spaces (expanded by blue screens), what appears the interior of a cargo plane, and that little country home where Schwarzenegger is wearing that decidedly un-Terminator outfit.

Terminator 6, which will presumably have a title soon enough, will open on November 1, 2019. With that release date looming, I imagine we'll be learning more (and maybe seeing a teaser trailer) soon enough.