'The Beach Bum' Trailer: The Director Of 'Spring Breakers' Teams With Matthew McConaughey For Fun In The Sun

The Beach Bum stars Matthew McConaughey in the part he was born to play: a stoner poet named Moondog. Harmony Korine, director of the wild and stylish Spring Breakers helms this sun-and-neon-drenched comedy about "a rebellious rogue who always lives life by his own rules." McConaughey leads an eclectic cast that includes Snoop Dogg, Isla Fisher, Jimmy Buffett, Zac Efron, and Martin Lawrence. Watch The Beach Bum trailer below.

The Beach Bum Trailer

Harmony Korine's first film since 2012's Spring Breakers looks like a lighter spiritual successor to that film – an oddball exercise in style, full of pink sunsets, eye-popping neon, and quirky characters. This is the type of movie where you probably don't even need to know the plot – just take one look at the visuals (created once again by Spring Breakers cinematographer Benoît Debie), and you'll either be completely sold, or wash your hands of this film entirely.

Perhaps the most enticing thing here is Matthew McConaughey returning to the type of shaggy-dog stoner character he specialized in playing before The McConaissance turned him into a much more serious actor. Don't get me wrong: I like serious McConaughey. But the prospect of seeing him stumble around in a bad wig, stoned out of his mind, is too good to pass up. " "I always like playing with the real actor persona, the pop persona, what's authentic to the person, and then push it out to the stratosphere," Korine said in an interview. "He plays with the idea of what people imagine him to be, and kind of takes it into another radical direction."

And then there's their bonkers cast (Jimmy Buffett??), which also includes Stefania LaVie Owen and Jonah Hill. Oh, and Martin Lawrence's character is named Captain Wack. What more do you need, people? "Martin is one of my favorite comedic actors ever and I knew he hadn't done much in a while," Korine added. "So when I wrote the character of Captain Wack, I was so thrilled to have him. He's a comic genius."

Korine also talked about his free-and-loose approach to filmmaking: "I don't really do continuity in the traditional way...I'll shoot almost the entire film like two or three times over in different ways because I never know what I'm going to like until I cut it together. It's a very nontraditional way of cutting film and it's always rolling. I never stop."

The Beach Bum, from NEON in partnership with Vice Studios, will premiere at SXSW before opening March 22, 2019.the beach bum poster