Cool Stuff: Marvel's 'Iron Man' Mark I Helmet Masterworks Prop Replica Is A Work Of Genius

The legacy of Iron Man began back in 2008, when Marvel Studios took a chance on sparking the creation of an entire universe where their comic book characters could exist together and finally assembly as The Avengers. But without Tony Stark's first foray into armored suits, we might never have seen these heroes together. So there's no better collectible for the ultimate Marvel Cinematic Universe fan than the Iron Man helmet that started it all in that cave in Afghanistan, and you can have it now.

Check out the Iron Man Mark I helmet prop replica below.

Marvel's Iron Man Mark I Helmet Prop Replica

Iron Man Mark I Helmet Prop Replica

This Iron Man Mark I helmet prop replica comes from the newer Marvel Masterworks Collection, which has set out to make authentic, rare prop replicas for the most dedicated Marvel fans. They're so incredibly detailed and expertly hand-crafted that they're not even sullying their artistry by simply calling them replicas. They're officially called duplicates, and that makes sense when you find out that they're fabricated by Russell Bobbitt, head of Marvel Studios props, and his whole team.

These are also much more rare than your average prop replica. Only 50 of these Iron Man Mark I helmets are being made, and they're only made when an order goes through. Each one comes with a glass certificate of authenticity with the specific number of that piece, as well as a display stand with arc reactor graphic base, glass medallion, product pamphlet with on-set and development anecdotes from the Head of Props for Marvel Studios, and cleaning cloth. It even comes in a Pelican case similar to those used by the Head of Props for Marvel Studios and team to transport and store the on-set props.

As usual, now it's time for the bad news. This Disney Shop exclusive costs $3,650. Yes, that's a salty price tag, but this is truly a meticulously crafted prop replica that would look cool on anyone's shelf. Pick it up if you have the means, and feel free to send one our my baby.