Dan Aykroyd Revealed The Secret 'Ghostbusters' Sequel Months Ago

Fans were taken by surprise when news broke this week that Jason Reitman was directing a secret Ghostbusters sequel that would directly follow the '80s comedy classics Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2. The secret project — which we'll just call Ghostbusters 3 for now — was kept under wraps for months, to great success. But it turns out star Dan Aykroyd accidentally crossed the streams (of communication) just two months ago.

This week, it was revealed that Jason Reitman had been working on Ghostbusters 3 in secret for a while now, helping write a direct Ghostbusters 2 sequel that would follow four teenagers who become new Ghostbusters with the help of an old guy with a strange amount of spectral-themed machinery. Aykroyd answered the call to star in Ghostbusters 3, which it turns out, he's been accidentally spoiling since November 2018.

In an interview with AXS TV's The Big Interview With Dan Rather, Aykroyd, who wrote and starred in the original Ghostbusters, revealed that the third film was in the works:

"I think we have a story that's going to work and it's being written right now by really good filmmakers. I can't say their names.

They're a good team and they are making an effort to bring back all the emotion and spirit of the first two movies and then take it into the 21st century with a vernacular that's needed today to get it across."

Of course, none of us believed him on account of the poor reception to Paul Feig's female-led Ghostbusters reboot and the 30-year time gap since 1989's Ghostbusters 2. But we should have paid attention to Aykroyd's call, because Reitman, the son of original Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman, has officially teamed up with Monster House director Gil Kenan to develop the film, which is set to go into production this summer. They even dropped a teaser on us.

To evade suspicion, the secret Ghostbusters project had reportedly been going by the title "Rust City." But hopefully the film will be a well-oiled machine by the time it hits theaters in 2020.