'Halloween' Honest Trailer: The Real Monsters Are The True Crime Podcasters

Last year brought Michael Myers home again for the anticipated Halloween sequel that went back to the roots of the franchise. It took Eastbound & Down star Danny McBride and Your Highness director David Gordon Green to give fans the face-off between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers that Halloween H20 didn't really do properly. And while Michael Myers is more brutal than ever after being locked up for 40 years, as the Halloween Honest Trailer illustrates, the real monsters are the true crime podcasters.

Watch the Halloween Honest Trailer below.

Halloween Honest Trailer

Seriously though, how inept do these podcasters have to be to record an episode on the Haddonfield murders committed by Michael Myers during the 40th anniversary of the crimes instead of releasing it during that time? Plus, they're clearly just winging it every step of the way since they didn't call ahead to reach Laurie Strode. And then they just had to carry Michael Myers' mask around with them. If they didn't have that mask, Myers wouldn't have anything to wear, and the movie would be over.

Anyway, while Honest Trailers does make some jokes about the sequel treading familiar territory, I think it's the simplistic approach and the flipping of iconic moments from the original movie that makes this one work so well. Plus, Jamie Lee Curtis just kicks ass in this movie, and she's not the only one either.

Anyway, the new Halloween is now available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital, so check it out right now.