Adam McKay Details Another 'Vice' Deleted Scene Featuring Young Dick Cheney

Vice just hit theaters before the end of 2018, and with awards season in full swing, we've got at least two or three months until the movie arrives on home video. But when it does, it will feature a couple of key scenes that didn't make the final cut.

Director Adam McKay has already talked about a certain musical sequence that would have added to the satirical meta nature of the movie, but it turns out Vice almost had a flashback sequence featuring a young Dick Cheney and future wife Lynne Vincent falling in love. Find out more about these Vice deleted scenes that will be on the Blu-ray release below.

During an appearance on the podcast Playback with Kris Tapley, director Adam McKay talked about the aforementioned deleted scenes that will definitely be included on the eventual home video release of Vice. Here he provided details on a sequence that Paul Thomas Anderon convinced him to cut, an entire flashback sequence that would have shown Dick Cheney falling in love with his wife Lynne, played by Amy Adams in the movie. McKay explained the sequence:

"The story of them as teenagers, Dick and Lynne Cheney. And how they met and fell in love. Greg Fraser, our DP, just shot that so beautifully. It looked like 'Splendor in the Grass.' It was just like luscious film. And then Nick Britell, our composer, put this beautiful music over it."

So why did it end up on the cutting room floor? Well, much like any scene that ends up cut from the movie, it just didn't work in the grand scheme of things. It was slowing down the pacing and it didn't accomplish what it needed to, no matter how much McKay liked it. He also adds, "The audience was just not into it. They just did not care."

The good news is that we'll be able to see this deleted sequence on home video, and it will be packaged in a much different way than it would have been in the movie. McKay said on the podcast that he recut the entire sequence into a black and white short film, complete with the charming title Best of All, He Love Me Back.

Between that and the musical sequence, the Vice home video release is certainly going to be worth the pricetag. Maybe there will even be some outtakes worth checking out. After all, even though this is a biopic, there are plenty of intentionally funny moments, and it would be great to see Christian Bale flubbing some lines in full Dick Cheney make-up. The same can be said for Steve Carell as Donald Rumsfeld too.