'Star Wars Resistance' Animated Shorts Have Some Fun On The Colossus

The animated series Star Wars Resistance is on a short break right now, but there are a few more episodes left to air later this month. In the meantime, you can hang out with the gang from the Colossus in a new series of animated shorts featuring the show's characters in a series of mini-adventures. They're all nearly two minutes long, and you can check out the Star Wars Resistance shorts below.

In this one, the droid bucket is missing his helmet, and it makes him feel a little naked. Yes, even droids can be embarrassed about their appearance. But hey, we've all lost something before, so we know exactly what that's like.

Another droid problem arises on the Colossus when Hype's droid is broken and pissed off. Flix and Orka try to fix the little guy, but the egg-shaped R4 droid isn't having it, like a cat who doesn't want to go to the vet.

Finally, the droid problems subside as the ace pilots of the Colossus take to the skies for a little race. They're all a little cocky and constantly trading jabs at each other as they soar through the sky, and it continues to feel very Top Gun-esque.

Kaz gets more than he bargained for when he has to take care of Torra Doza's little furry pet Buggles, who barks like a dog, but behaves a bit like a cat, and clearly doesn't want to be cooped up all day.

The ace pilots of the Colossus have a little bit of a problem when they encounter a falling fuel ship heading straight towards the Colossus. They have no choice but to try to steer it in a different direction so their base doesn't get blown up.

Finally, we head back to the skies for a little booster testing, but it quickly turns into a bit of a competition once it's clear that everything is operational, at least at first.


These feel like they could easily be deleted scenes from the series rather than shorts created specifically for online consumption, but they work in the small doses in which they're provided. If this is your first time encountering these shorts, there are more from December over at the Disney Channel YouTube channel.

Star Wars Resistance returns to The Disney Channel on January 13, 2019.

Resistance fighter Poe Dameron tasks young pilot Kazuda "Kaz" Xiono with spying on the First Order. At the time, little was known about the secretive organization and its strength.

In order to fulfill his mission, Kaz travels to the space station Colossus, which is being used by many ships as a port to refuel and do repairs. However, there are also dangerous races taking place there. After Kaz bragged with his piloting skills at his arrival there, he is soon drawn into one of the races...