VOTD: The Hacksmith Created A "Real" Lightsaber, And It's Probably Not For A Civilized Age

If there's one sci-fi weapon that audiences have wanted to see become a reality ever since it was introduced, it's a lightsaber from the Star Wars universe. The glowing sword that can deflect lasers, cut through almost anything, and makes the coolest sounds ever is one of the most iconic props in cinematic history, and now it's finally real...kinda.

The Hacksmith is a YouTube channel that uses real engineering skills to take fictional ideas from movies, video games and comics, and make real working prototypes. They're previously made Captain America's shield that can return to an electromagnetic arm band and Thor's hammer that catches lightning, but now they've made what they're calling a real lightsaber. And it's kind of scary.

The Hacksmith's Real Lightsaber

Using a blade made of tungsten and titanium, this real lightsaber uses a power source to heat the titanium up so that it's red hot, resembling a glowing orange lightsaber blade. And yes, since this titanium lightsaber blade is 3000-degrees Fahrenheit, it has no problem cutting through things, even metal.

Of course, even though this isn't technically a lightsaber, this is probably as close as we can get without breaking the laws of physics. The only problem is that even though it's powerful enough to cut through objects, you can't exactly whip around as quickly as a Jedi for any battle, because you're likely to end up burning yourself in the process. But if you want to see the lightsaber in "action," the gang recreated the drone training sequence from Star Wars: A New Hope: