VOTD: Massive 'Indiana Jones' LEGO Diorama Brings 'Raiders Of The Lost Ark' Opening To Life

Who doesn't like Indiana Jones? All of the movies featuring Harrison Ford as the archaeologist and adventurer just recently hit Netflix, but if you don't have time to sit and watch them, maybe this incredible Indiana Jones LEGO creation that took over 300 hours to build will hold you over for the time being.

Master builder Caleb Watson built an incredible Raiders of the Lost Ark LEGO diorama that recreates the opening scene where Indiana Jones retrieves the Fertility Idol that is kept safe by a series of traps. It's 8-feet long, contains moving LEGO minifigures, and even has some Easter eggs referencing the other Indiana Jones movies and a certain Star Wars movie too. Check out the Indiana Jones LEGO diorama below.

Indiana Jones LEGO Diorama

Caleb Watson took this creation to the LEGO convention BrickCon a few months ago, and it won an honorable mention for Best of Show. And while it took 300 hours to build, he had to put some extra work in during the convention itself, because the motion effects that required gears to move pieces could only last so long. Watson toldĀ  The Brothers Brick:

"When you run LEGO mechanisms long enough with significant load, the pieces start to give out. Every day at Brickcon after the show, I had to replace a large number of the gears in some of the mechanisms because the teeth were bending over, and underneath other connections were piles of plastic ABS dust from pieces rubbing next to each other all day."

This is easily one of the coolest LEGO creations we've ever seen. Honestly, it belongs in a museum.