'Insatiable' Tops The Worst New TV Shows Of 2018, According To Metacritic

In the era of Peak TV, it's inevitable that you'll get a few clunkers. And Metacritic is here to tell you exactly what those clunkers were in the year 2018. As the year closes out, the review aggregation website has compiled a list of the worst new TV shows of 2018, based on the aggregate critic scores.

At the top of the list is one of the most controversial shows of the year, which inspired backlash before the series even hit its home streaming platform of Netflix: Insatiable. It turns out, critics weren't having what Insatiable, or these nine other TV shows, were feeding them.

Metacritic released its annual list of worst-reviewed new TV shows of 2018, meaning the shows that debuted in the past year. While only two of the top 10 landed in the dreaded red zone of a Metascore below 40, which indicates "generally unfavorable reviews," the other shows still at most hit the "mixed or average reviews" range, with the highest-scoring earning a measly 46.

Here's the full list:

  • Insatiable (Metascore: 25)
  • The Hunt for the Trump Tapes With Tom Arnold (Metascore: 35)
  • Heathers (Metascore: 40)
  • Our Cartoon President (Metascore: 42)
  • Reverie (Metascore: 42)
  • The Cool Kids (Metascore: 42)
  • LA to Vegas (Metascore: 43)
  • The Purge (Metascore: 44)
  • Hard Sun (Metascore: 46)
  • Here and Now (Metascore: 46)
  • There seem to be a few running themes with these worst-reviewed shows. Two of the shows were lightning rods for controversy, with Insatiable earning ire for its failed satire of body image and fat-shaming. Meanwhile, Heathers stumbled with its depiction of minority and POC characters as the villains while being frequently taken off the air in the wake of multiple mass shootings. Other shows like The Hunt for Trump Tapes with Tom Arnold and Our Cartoon President have one obvious topic — President Donald Trump — which audiences clearly don't want in our fictional TV shows in addition to seeing him in real-life programming.

    Either way, if you're looking for a show to catch up on that you may have missed this year, you can obviously skip these 10.