'Doctor Who', 'Venom' And 'The Christmas Chronicles' Deliver Some Festive Yule Log Video Loops

If the Pixar Animation themed fireplace wasn't impressive enough to stream in your television during Christmas Eve, don't worry. Some other options for a yule log are available for you nerds without a fireplace. The beloved BBC series Doctor Who, the new Netflix holiday movie The Christmas Chronicles, and the inexplicable global blockbuster Venom have all created their own festive yule log videos that you can stream in the living room while the ham cooks in the oven. Plus, there's a hilarious Home Alone one that you just need to see for yourself.

Check out the Doctor Who, Christmas Chronicles, Home Alone and Venom yule log videos below.

First up, here's a cartoon Venom sitting in his own personal library. He's got a mug of cocoa that he chugs from every now and then. But for me, the real treat here is that portrait of Venom above the fireplace where he's wearing a presumably velvet robe and smoking from a pipe. Does that mean Venom enjoys comfort outside of eating the heads of criminals and tater tots?

Next up, Netflix has made clever use of their Santa Claus movie The Christmas Chronicles by creating a yule log video featuring the animated elves from the holiday adventure. They keep appearing and disappearing throughout the stream, but this one only lasts an hour, so you'll be resetting it frequently throughout the day.

This is probably the coolest Yule log out of the group. Featuring the most recent 13th iteration of Doctor Who, this yule log video has some nice touches that fans of the BBC series will love. The doctor herself even stops in to warm her hands by the fire for a little bit before heading off somewhere in time again.

Or, if you just want a nice laugh with some classic Christmas music, you can watch this live stream of a video featuring Joe Pesci perpetually burning in Home Alone. The video is streaming with a rotating playlist of Christmas songs, so enjoy while you can!