New 'Hellboy' Image Assembles The BPRD Team [Updated]

Update: The first official trailer for the movie has arrived early, and you can watch it right here. Our original article follows.

This week will bring us the first trailer for the reboot of Hellboy with Stranger Things star David Harbour under all the make-up as Big Red. But before that, a new image from the film has surfaced that finally shows Hellboy alongside his teammates Major Ben Daimio (Daniel Dae Kim of LOST) and civilian Alice Monaghan (Sasha Lane of American Honey).

Check out the new Hellboy photo and find out more about the anticipated reboot below.

New Hellboy Photo

New Hellboy PhotoEntertainment Weekly released the new Hellboy photo, and they also spoke to David Harbour about what this new take of the Dark Horse Comics character will be like. Harbour explained:

"It's not an origin story, but it's his coming to terms with where he came from. He's been Hellboy for a long time, but there's a new turn of events at the start of the film, where people start to bring up the fact that he might bring about the end of the world, and it's really the first time he's heard anything like that. The question that comes up in the movie is where does he really belong?"

This isn't a revelation for Hellboy fans, and it's actually a big part of what makes the character so interesting. Even though he helps the world by ridding it of dangerous monsters, creatures, and whatnot, eventually Hellboy is meant to become the Beast of the Apocalypse, full horns and all. That solid stone arm he has has the power to release ancient demons in order to unleash the apocalypse on Earth.

The Hellboy reboot (directed by Game of Thrones veteran Neil Marshall) makes this detail something that the character has just learned about, which should complicate things with his job at the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense. Making things even more complicated is the fact that the secret government organization is run by his adoptive father Trevor Bruttenholm (Ian McShane), a character whose role has been expanded significantly since he dies fairly early on in the comic book storyline.

But the more immediate problem that Hellboy has to deal with is the villain Nimue the Blood Queen (Milla Jovovich). Like any witch would be, she's pissed about how witches have been treated by humanity. That will likely end up tying into Hellboy's character arc since he's not exactly welcomed by humanity with open arms either. What remains to be seen is whether the Blood Queen will be a one-off villain for this single movie or if she'll be an overarching presence in what will hopefully be a franchise.

Hellboy arrives in theaters on April 12, 2019.