'Stranger Things' Season 3 Story Details And Possible Villain Accidentally Revealed

Stranger Things season 3 story details are still locked up safe in the Upside Down, but a slip-up on IMDb might have just given away part of the game. While the following details are very vague, and just speculation at best, if you want to remain as spoiler-free as humanly possible, you might want to turn back now. The possible spoilers await you below.

Watch out: the Russians are coming to Hawkins, Indiana. Maybe. Last month, a Reddit user noticed that IMDb listed several random cast members as Russian Guard, Russian Soldier, and so on.

Soon after this was spotted, someone jumped onto IMDb and edited the descriptions, removing any trace of the word "Russian." However, as the Inverse points out, whomever edited the IMDb page might have missed something. Specifically, Ryan Mari is listed on the show as a stunt performer playing a Russian Guard.

Russian Guard!

Before we go any further, it's worth noting that anyone can edit IMDb – even you! So there's always a chance this information is incorrect. But this sort of accidental spoiler – where someone with a smaller role in a production edits their own IMDb page and gives something away – has happened before. A lot. So there's a good chance this is accurate.

What are we to make of this? Some are theorizing that season 3's villains will be Soviet Russia. That idea would certainly fit in with Stranger Things' '80s movie references – specifically, it could be a direct reference to the trashy 1984 film Red Dawn, in which Russians invade a small American town, forcing a bunch of teens to fight back. We already know that season 3 will be set in 1985, which isn't far removed from the '84 Red Dawn release.

All that said, while the Soviets might be one of the antagonists in Stranger Things season 3, I doubt they're the main villains. After all, the series always has some sort of supernatural entity as its big bad – the Demogorgon in season 1, and the Mind Flayer, aka the Shadow Monster, from season 2. In other words, even if this is a spoiler, it's only the tip of the iceberg, and there's still a heck of a lot more we don't know. Then again, it might be interesting to see the show change things up and drop a supernatural antagonist angle entirely. The closer we get to the Stranger Things season 3 2019 premiere date, the more we'll likely find out.

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