'Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina' Renewed For Seasons 3 And 4 At Netflix

Chaos will reign for two more seasons on Netflix, which has officially ordered 16 more episodes of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. These 16 new episodes will make up Chilling Adventures of Sabrina seasons 3 and 4, or as dubbed by Netflix, Part 3 and Part 4. They will follow the already-announced "Part 2" of the hit horror-fantasy drama, which is set to premiere in April 2019.

Netflix confirmed that it has ordered 16 new episodes of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, which will be aired in two parts.

Parts 3 and 4 will follow the first season of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, which dropped on Netflix in October to much critical acclaim and word-of-mouth, driving the streaming giant to release a spooky holiday-themed episode that hit the platform last week. The 10-episode second part/season, which was part of the initial series order, will arrive in April.

With the confirmation of Parts 3 and 4, creator and executive producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa said:

"Praise Satan! I'm so grateful to my partners at Warner Brothers, Netflix, Berlanti Television, and Archie Productions for supporting this darker vision of the world's most famous teen witch. And I'm thrilled to be continuing to tell Sabrina's chilling adventures with our incredible cast and crew, led by the unstoppable Kiernan Shipka."

It was only a matter of time until Netflix confirmed Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 3 — and season 4, for that matter. Casting for the season had already been announced, with newcomers Jedidiah Goodacre as Dorian Gray and Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Alexis Denisof as Mary Wardwell's boyfriend, Adam Masters, making headlines. And based on the buzz surrounding the series when it dropped, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was another mega-hit TV show for Netflix, though we can't know for sure without the numbers the streaming service keeps locked away. But Netflix's eagerness to drop a holiday special offers evidence that there was something magical about Sabrina's success.

Kiernan Shipka, Miranda Otto, Lucy Davis, Ross Lynch, Michelle Gomez, Chance Perdomo, Jaz Sinclair, Richard Coyle, Tati Gabrielle, Adeline Rudolph, Abigail Cowen, Lachlan Watson and Gavin Leatherwood return for Parts 3 and 4 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Parts 3 and 4 begin production in 2019 for a likely premiere on Netflix in 2020.Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 2 is set to premiere on Netflix on April 5, 2019.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina imagines the origin and adventures of Sabrina the Teenage Witch as a dark coming-of-age story that traffics in horror, the occult and, of course, witchcraft. Tonally in the vein of Rosemary's Baby and The Exorcist, this adaptation finds Sabrina wrestling to reconcile her dual nature — half-witch, half-mortal — while standing against the evil forces that threaten her, her family and the daylight world humans inhabit.