Cool Stuff: Matt Ferguson's 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Prints Will Fulfill Your Destiny

It's been just over a year since Star Wars: The Last Jedi hit theaters, and there are still plenty of fans who can't stop arguing about it. But for those of you who have fallen in love with the second installment of the new Star Wars trilogy, artist Matt Ferguson has delivered a perfect set of prints that captures each side of the fight for the fate of the galaxy. One features our new hero Rey while the other features the villain Kylo Ren, but the two are also perfectly connected.

Check out the Matt Ferguson Star Wars The Last Jedi prints below.

Matt Ferguson Star Wars The Last Jedi Prints

Matt Ferguson Star Wars The Last Jedi Prints

Matt Ferguson has switched up his traditional style a little bit to create this print set showing the opposing sides of the latest struggle to take hold of the entire galaxy. On one print we have Rey standing on the rocky shores of Achto with lightsaber in hand and particles of the ground floating with the power of the Force. On the other side we have Kylo Ren standing in his quarters, overlooking the First Order troops with his lightsaber drawn.

Part of me wishes there was a little more of a direct bridge between the two that made this feel like a single image when the two were side-by-side. At the same time, the division also has some symbolism of the distance between them and their perspectives, even as the Force connects them through each other's minds. Plus, the separation allows each of them to work on their own if you only want one print instead of both.

If you'd like to get your hands on the Matt Ferguson Star Wars The Last Jedi print set, officially licensed by Lucasfilm and Acme Archives, they're $50 each or $95 for the set of both. Each has an edition of 295 and measures 18x24 inches. They both go on sale today, December 17, at 12pm ET over at the Bottleneck Gallery website.