Cool Stuff: Craig Drake's Latest Art Show Honors 'Star Wars', 'Lost In Translation', 'RoboCop' & More

Artist Craig Drake has returned with his fifth solo art show at Hero Complex Gallery, and with it comes a stellar collection of new posters created by the artist in his signature style.

The new Craig Drake art honors some of the strongest, fiercest, feistiest and most memorable females in films like Blade Runner, The Empire Strikes Back, Beetlejuice, Basic Instinct Kingsman: The Secret Service and Lost in Translation. But it also keys in on characters like RoboCop, Mad Max, and more. Plus, there are two other great Star Wars prints that will catch your eye.

New Craig Drake Art

New Craig Drake Art

New Craig Drake Art

New Craig Drake ArtNew Craig Drake Art

Not only are all of these pieces outstanding, but several of them have a variety of different variants. For example, the Mad Max print has 10 different variants, including several metallic ones, as well as a version you can buy that will give you a one-of-a-kind color variant. Otherwise, RoboCop and the Landspeeder print also have different variants available. They're all available right now over at the Hero Complex Gallery online shop.

In addition to the new Craig Drake prints, Hero Complex Gallery also has an array of older Craig Drake prints, including some new versions. For example, there's a metal Iron Giant poster you can buy right now. Just check out the website to see what's available while supplies last.

Or if you're the kind of person who'd rather have a book collecting a bunch of Craig Drake's art, he's now made a three volume book available that features all of his work from over the years, including pieces from when he used to work for Lucasfilm. You can pick the book collection up for $60 right now.