'Titans' Is Making Batman The Bad Guy In The First Season Finale Trailer

The first season of Titans is coming to an end. As you may recall, the first trailer for the DC Universe streaming series had Brenton Thwaites proudly proclaiming, "F*** Batman," and it sounds like The Dark Knight wasn't too happy about that, because he's coming back with a vengeance.

The Titans season finale trailer has arrived online, and instead of just talking about Batman, the Caped Crusader himself returns in a big way. After Commissioner Gordon is killed, Gotham City has gotten out of control, and apparently Batman is sick of it. He's hellbent on killing The Joker, and it looks like he might be taking a couple other iconic DC Comics villains down too. So much for that whole rule about not killing people.

In the Titans season finale, Jason Todd, the new Robin, asks Dick Grayson to stop Batman from going on his rampage across Gotham City, effectively turning him into the bad guy. There's even a raid of Wayne Manor.

Boy, this feels like everyone behind DC Comics properties is desperate to make Batman part of everything when they should be trying to branch out as much as possible. They don't need Batman to always be around to have successful properties, and doing something like this feels lazy and uninspired. This whole trailer feels like a fan film, especially with the way they try to obscure Batman's face at every turn, so we can't figure out who's playing him (likely because it's not anybody famous).

So far, I've stayed away from the DC Universe membership simply because I wanted to see how this first season of Titans was going to be received. This season finale trailer does nothing to convince me that it's time to sign up. However, if you suddenly feel compelled to watch the first season, we have good news.

Today, in celebration of the Titans upcoming finale, DC Universe is offering nearly 50% off membership for US subscribers for a very limited time. The first three months of membership are available at $3.99/month for 3 months or you can pick up a full year for $59.99 plus taxes. It could make a nice Christmas gift for that DC Comics in your life, so head over to DCUniverse.com to sign up

If Titans won't convince you to get the DC Universe membership, maybe you'll be happy to know that the DC Comics animated movies will be available to watch on the service the same day they hit Blu-ray and DVD. And with titles like Reign of the Supermen, Justice League vs The Fatal Five and Batman: Hush on the way, you'll want to be ready.